I’m raising smart girls

Think and speak for yourself girls

There is no box, “I do what I want”, girls

Set yourself apart girls, follow the truth in your heart girls

SMART girls

Fuck your version of beauty girls

“I’ll wear what I please”, girls

My hair, my skin, MY BODY MY CHOICE girls

Your hands and your opinions stay away unless I ask for them girls

SMART girls

The only ugly thing in the world is hate girls

If you don’t like me, look the other way girls

Bust your ass to get what you want girls

Don’t. Ever. Quit. girls

SMART girls

Kind, thoughtful, yet strong/determined girls

Do no harm, but take no shit girls

Fight for the weak girls

Love is Love is Love is Love girls

SMART girls

Let’s be clear

I’m not raising follow the crowd girls

Look, speak, & behave like a lady girls

In need of your approval girls

SMART girls

I am not raising satisfy your stereotype girls

Bound by arbitrary constructs girls

Tell me what I should think or feel girls

Wait for their hero girls


So please excuse

the lack of fucks given

by these girls

when you offer your unsolicited opinions

on what they should—or shouldn’t—wear

or how they need to do their hair

how much makeup is on their face

Or how they need to know their place.

Because believe me.

They do.

And it’s NOT to appease you.

My girls… They’re smart girls.

This post previously appeared on Oz’s blog Always Write.

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Oz Russell is a mom of two world-changing smart girls. Wife to her best friend. A small business owner with an entrepreneurial spirit. Breast cancer survivor. Photographer, writer, lover of music, art, sports, yoga, good food, and the ocean. And since her profile pic is an avatar, we can all safely assume that she's abso-fucking-lutely-adorable. She blogs at Always Write.

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