Advice from parents who’ve been there, done that.

Girl with Tablet

Digital Mentorship and the Next Generation

Like most adults in my age bracket (and younger), nearly everything I know about smart phones, the internet, social media, and my digital footprint is self-taught. My brother and I sometimes help our parents through the complexities of modern tech—like strong passwords and wireless routers. My mother bought her first smartphone in 2016, and while she enjoys having instant access to the weather, she still refuses to buy anything online.
I imagine parents at the turn of the 20th century had the same hesitation with automobiles. They probably watched their children puttering along in their “horseless buggies”, flabbergasted.
Just imagine, an entire generation taught themselves to drive. The equivalent can be said for Millennials who came of age when everyone was learning to use social media and handheld devices. In most cases, the younger generation taught their parents. No one ever explained to these young adults how posting a keg-stand pic freshman year could hurt their job search after graduation.

How to Make a Comeback When Your Wild Things Are Winning

You know those days when the kids’ noise level has reached a fever pitch, and all you want — with the passion of a parched woman in the desert — is a little peace and quiet? It’s even harder when you’re tired, which is every. single. day. There you are, bringing all the care you can muster to your mess of tiny humans, while silently screaming “Please SHUT UP for the love of God!”

Here are the five comeback strategies that work best when my wild things are winning.