Golden Parenting Moments: Tissues or glitter sometimes required.

infant girl

There’s No Right Time (to Expand Your Family), Just Your Time

Despite the pressures I’ve seemed to encounter every day since my daughter was three-weeks old, I’m not ready to have another child. I’m not through loving my baby with all I got. She is my first, and factoring in my experiences with women and mothers in my life, I want to feel everything strongly as a new mom, and in the now with my daughter. I don’t want to miss a cut, a tear, a laugh, a milestone because I was preoccupied elsewhere.

guinea pig

Pet Ownership Revealed Our Child’s Determination

The novice teacher had originally thought that Brownie was a wonderful idea: teach responsibility, kindness, and what else? She couldn’t quite recall anymore, because making sure that the little thing was fed and watered over the weekends was starting to get old. It was time to allow some lucky child the opportunity to acquire a pet. Let their parents handle the smell.